How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Pig?

How Much Does It Cost to Raise A Pig?

Pigs can be amazing you know, and raising them is also achievable. Many people are scared of raising pigs because they feel it’s very difficult and expensive. You must know that nothing good comes easy. And this applies to raise pigs as well. You might spend a lot raising them but the benefits are very consoling.

There are a lot of things you must consider in raising pigs, especially as a beginner. Things like infrastructure would cost you about $600, feeders and water $25 and $40, housing $300, bedding and shelter $5 and $10 health care and so many other things which this article will open your eyes to. So if you want to raise a pig, you should budget for $1200 (at least). It might even cost more as they grow and the sows (female pigs) give birth.

I must add that I didn’t know most of the things am about to share with you in this article when I started raising my pigs but years of learning and unlearning helped me gain experience that has really helped me gain stamina in the pig business.

Things You Must Consider Before Starting to Raise a Pig

Your Motive

You must have your motives and vision clear to you before starting to raise pigs; are you raising them because your neighbor is doing so, are you raising them for meat or are you raising them for the money? Answering these questions will help direct and help you achieve your goals. When you know the reason why you want to raise pigs, it reduces your headaches and challenges. 

How Patient are You?

You must also consider that it takes patience to raise animals no matter what kind. Pigs are no exceptions, they will annoy you, especially with grunting and stubbornness, you might even want to sell them off or use them as meat before time, lol but if you can be patient and take the tips I will be sharing here seriously, it will help you a lot.

How Many Pigs Do You Want to Raise?

Another important thing you need to consider, how many pigs you want to start raising. It will help in guiding you one the number of equipment you will need for the task ahead. Gender and breed are also important. Don’t just start with any kind of pig.

Basic Infrastructure You Need to Start Raising Pigs

There are so many things you need to start raising pigs, we will be discussing them one after the other so that you wouldn’t get confused. 

Infrastructure! It is very very important, without some reasonable facilities you will quit this business in less than 3 months of starting because you will be frustrated. But good infrastructures makes your work easier and enjoyable. It is good you also know their cost, of course since we are discussing the cost of raising pigs I will give you estimates. This is because inflation and deflation can occur at any time. I advise you to invest in good infrastructure, it will serve you for many years.

Lets at some of these infrastructure


Oh yes! You need a fence, don’t be in a hurry to dismiss this point, because this should be your biggest concern. There are several kinds of fencing and their price varies as well. Currently, I use Electronet fencing, which is about 165 ft, it cost me $150. 

You will enjoy this fencing. It is high, very strong, and movable. It has lasted about 4years and few months, I can say it loudly that it has been a great investment so far. You might as well go for other fencings like hog panels and woven wire. They are all good and will be helpful. Just make your choice.

Important Tips About Fencing You Need To Know

  • It is important that you know that, if you plan to keep pigs for a long period of time, i.e you want to engage in pig farming permanently, you need a permanent fence. You also have to use a gd material that will last long for you. For me, I prefer a woven wire, and then because of looting, you can also put the electric wire. I advise you to buy land, yes because raising pigs in a rented land will cost a lot, but when you get your own land, awesome! You don’t have to pay anyone but yourself.  It will help you focus and get the best out of your hogs.
  •  If you are using an electric fence, you have to supervise it regularly to ensure it is well-positioned and hasn’t shifted to a part where weeds and dirt will disrupt it from working.
  • If your plan is to stay for a short period of time, then you need to go for temporary fences. You can use materials like hog panels, ropes, or strands of electric wire to prevent your pigs from escaping. 

Feeders And Waterers

This includes equipment for feeding and serving them water. There are lots of them that you can buy. Over the years I had a habit of buying heavy-duty rubber bowls on an almost yearly basis, I spent about $30 on feeders and waterers yearly. 

Pigs can be rough at times so they just kept destroying my rubber bowls. I had to switch to metal bowls; the effect was still not much. We eventually settled for building a permanent feeder. This has been helpful. All I do is put the feed inside so they go and feed.


Every living thing needs food to survive, including you, so your pigs will die if you don’t feed them well and with the right feeds. We will still look at the right feeds for your pigs in this article. A 50-pound bag of pig feed is about $25. 

To grow a healthy fat pig, you should budget $200 -$300. You can also reserve your kitchen scraps as food for them, they don’t mind at all and it is not poisonous to them. This will help you to reduce the cost of feeding your pigs.

Farrowing Crate

This crate will be helpful for your sows, especially during the gestation period.  The farrowing crate which is also known as a gestation crate is produced with metallic material, pig farmers keep their sows during pregnancy for a period of 7 days before delivery.  Its cost is about $150,000

Trust me, you will like it because it provides a warm and dry environment for your pigs, which helps to strengthen and keep them healthy. It is good that your sows stay in a cool environment and the piglets also need a warm environment. This crate creates the both environment for your pigs. For more information on how a farrowing rate looks like click: 

Pig Heating Box

This heating box is good for your piglets, especially the younger ones of about 3 days old, this is because the possibility of having hypothermia is high, therefore you need to create an environment with temperature up to 34C to save their lives. 

Keeping the piglets in the farrowing house with their mother might not be safe, considering the fact that they need extra care. This pig heating box is very essential for you, it also helps them grow rapidly with their health intact. It will cost about $10-$20.

Challenges of Raising Pigs

In pig farming, I have noticed so many challenges, which is the problem of every pig lover, but you are lucky to know them ahead of time so that you can avoid them or put things in others so that you can enjoy your business with your pigs.

I want to share just four major challenges every pig farmer encounters in the process of this journey.

Lack of Laborers

Manpower is a very essential need everyone needs it, you might say “I don’t think I need labor now since I’m just starting” Yes. I know you are just starting, but, trust me, you need assistance because there is a lot to be done and you have to increase your laborers as you progress. 

Employ laborers who are passionate to work to help you. So many pig farmers have lost passion for the business and even lost their pigs in the process, not because of anything but for discouraging laborers, who think that pig farming is just a menial job. Let such people go.

On your part make sure you pay them their wages at the right time this will help encourage them to become hardworking and of course, you will reap the effect in your business. Expose them to develop them and also introduce them to technologies and teach them how to use them.

Not Maintaining Profit

Like I said in the beginning nothing good comes easy, there are so many profits in pig farming, we will be looking at that soon but before then I have noticed that so many pig farmers complain of not getting profits in the business. This is so not true, if all pig farmers can consistently maintain keeping records of the profits they get from their pigs you will find out that the turn-up is so amazing. 

If you know you are a type that doesn’t like stress am sorry to disappoint you, pig business is certainly not for you.  Because you need to work hard to get contracts for supplies, invest in feeds, partner with the right market, and get better prices. As a pig farmer, I can assure you that if you can maintain profitability you will make it big. 

Farmers Are Not Accessible

Many pig farmers are not accessible, they stay in their villages raising pigs and only their villagers are aware they sell pigs. I made this mistake but you don’t have to make it, that’s why I am informing you ahead of time. As a pig farmer, you must make your business visible to the world, not just your locality. Let everyone know what you do so that they can patronize you. 

Lack of Adequate Packaging

You must understand that this is business you have so many competitors out there, striving to give the best to their customers. So you have to know who your customers are, what they want, and how they want it, otherwise, they will not appreciate your efforts. 

Carelessness with the Health of Livestock

Many pig farmers are usually very careless as regards the health of their pigs, this is a major challenge. They are not human but you have to care for them if you want to raise them.

It is very important that you monitor the environment where you kept your pigs. Providing the right environment with the essential facilities like some which have already been mentioned earlier helps to keep your pigs healthy. Give them the right vaccines they need, provide them antibiotics when necessary. 

No one wants to buy a sick pig; therefore you must do everything possible to ensure that the barns, nurseries, and crates are properly taken care of. 

Benefits of Raising Pigs

There are so many advantages of raising pigs; I know you would like to know them. This will encourage you not to give up on your pigs and make you give them more attention. Let’s look at some of these amazing benefits.

It Is A Steady Source of Cash Inflow

Personally, I don’t see any expenses I make on my pigs as a waste; rather I see it as an investment; because I know I will still reap the profit. I advise you also covert this perception when you raise your animals. One pig is sold for about $2.50, that’s a lot of money. So when you sell more than 5 or 10 you will gain lots of money more than you already spent. You can also decide to slaughter and sell; you will still get a lot of money.

Steady Supply of Meat for You

Through raising pigs, buying meat for your food is no more a problem, because you can go to your barn to get one kill and enjoy yourself. Instead of spending money to buy meat, your pigs provide one that will even last long. Trust me it will be a crime for you to allow your pot of soup or stew and there is no pork inside it. 

It Eliminates the Problem of Food Wastage

Pigs help you with your waste; when doing your dishes, do not get a bucket and reserve it for your pigs, they will gladly eat it. Unlike some animals pigs  food scraps of all kind except moldy ones. They enjoy it a lot. So when you don’t have pig feed, you can give them food scraps. I have experienced this a lot of times when my pig feeds are exhausted I gather food scraps for them. This is a very good idea; it reduces the cost of feeding for your pigs.

The Pigs Provide Manure for Farming

Of course, just like the feces of other animals are used as manure, pigs are no exception. They provide manure for your farm; you can also sell it and get money.l

Pros and Cons of Raising Pigs

Pigs are very smart, friendly and interacting They can escape easily because they are smart. If they escape it is difficult to catch them.
They feed on food scraps, so it helps to reduce the cost of feeding for you. They feed a lot so  are assured that they will remain healthy and fat.Pgs poop a lot; this is as a result of their eating too much. Their pens are usually stinking and smelly. You have to clean their pen consistently.
Pigs are fun to be with; you can get easily attached to them. This helps training them easier for you.When you become attached to your pigs, it will become difficult to let them go, when the time comes.
You gain more when you raise because the buyers also pay for the feeds you used to raise them.Sometimes after selling pigs some people can bring their own pig for you to help them raise. This happens most of the times and it affects your time and even the space of your farm.
You can enjoy pork meat confidently, without doubts or fears that, it has any disease or not because you personally raised it yourself.You will get exhausted with pork meat because you eat it a lot. Most pig farmers hardly eat other meats, and this is not good because you might fall sick as a result of too much fat in your body.
Pigs are very friendly and calmTheir grunting can be disturbing, this is not funny ooo, because it can be very disturbing.

So you see, raising pigs are no big deal. Once you put your mind to it and apply the things I have shared with you in this article, you will realize that pigs are amazing and awesome animals to raise. Don’t believe the lie that it’s too difficult. Trust me. It is not at all. If I could do it, you sure can. 

Yes, I won’t deny it. I made lots of mistakes and experienced some challenges along the way. But, thanks to all the troubles, I’m a successful pig farmer today. So, dear, you don’t need to repeat all the mistakes I made or experience the challenges I encountered. Just cling to this article and apply everything you learn, you will thank me later.

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