Goats as Pets: Pros and Cons

Goats as Pets: Pros and Cons

There are many pros as well as cons of raising goats as pets. If it has become your heart desire to breed them as pets or companion animals, you must have to weigh these advantages and disadvantages and be sure you have counted your cost. 

We cannot argue that goats have kept a track record of display of their stubbornness all around the world. However, we cannot also disregard the qualities they possess and have displayed as companion animals either.

They are herd animals and can definitely bond with other animals. Goats would even begin to bond with their owner, thinking that he/she is one of them. Herd animals naturally move and live in the company of other animals and because of this trait, keeping them as pets is a welcome move. 

Some of the Pros of Keeping Goats as Pets Include:

  • They are not so difficult to raise.
  • Goats are very well-behaved.
  • They are loving.
  • They develop a bond with humans.
  • They can help clean up your garden.

Whether pygmies or Boers, Finngoats or whatever breeds you have in mind and/or at hand, there are pros and cons of raising goats as pets. You should therefore consider them carefully to make a calculated decision. 

You might not perceive goats to be your best choice animal for pets, and rather go for your regular dogs, cats, and their likes. Nonetheless, it is amazing how goats can be pleasant around little children. They are ardent,  kind-hearted and mischievous, acting similar to other popular pets.  It is easy to be cheered up by these amusing animals when you are unhappy. Their parkour jumps are funny. 

Even though they don’t mind bonding with other animals because of their herd nature, it is also important to note that if they are in the company of their own kind, it is easier for them to be themselves. 

It has been said that over 50,000 people in Britain keep goats as pets.

The purpose of this post is not to decide for you whether or not to raise goats as pets but to show you what you need to know about having them as pets. If you are not okay with them, you can go ahead and choose other amazing animals for your pet and if you think they fit the bill, then enjoy. 

Here we go!!

Raising Goats as Pets – Pros 

Below are some edges you can have raising goats as pets. 

  • They are not so difficult to raise: Raising goats as pets just as in the case for other animals, only takes commitment and patience. You must not be ‘an animal psychologist’ or anything complex to raise goats as pets. All it takes is taking a step – by – step measure in training your goat to suit your taste or spec. 
  • Goats are very well-behaved: You can call them mischievous, stubborn, or whatever, but goats have proven to be well-behaved if taken care of. 
  • They are loving: Goats can be so sweet, you know. They are very loving and friendly and are very loyal to their owner. It’s not just dogs and cats that could be like that. 
  •  They develop a bond with humans: As aforementioned, goats are herd animals, and herd animals are so good with bonding. Because of their herd mentality, pet goats can bond highly with their owner and this makes them really good for pets. 
  • They can help clean up your garden: With goats, less have less to throw away as they can eat garbage from your garden and even the kitchen. Goats eat almost anything and as such, unlike the dogs or the cats, having them as pets will be very much helpful even for other reasons. 

Raising Goats as Pets: Cons 

Watch this insightful video. 

  • They can eat up your garden: Goats eat a lot and without control, they can eat up your garden and even destroy it. You will have to pay serious attention to the goats or build walls or other forms of restrictions around so as to preserve the garden. This can be tiring. 
  • Regional laws and restrictions: Not every city or location allows goats to be raised as pets and in the house. Certain places have laws regulating what kind of animals to be raised at home. In such countries, farm animals are raised on the farm, for example, and goats can be categorized here. If you are in such countries, cities or locations, these laws pose a great barrier to you and your goats cannot be your pet. That’s unfortunate. 
  • Goats are carriers of diseases that can pass to humans: Several diseases could be contacted from unhealthy goats and those that are carriers. So in raising goats as pets, this factor should be really considered. 

Examples of such diseases are Leptospirosis, Q fever, Brucellosis, and Toxoplasmosis.

  • Goats are noisy: If you live in a neighborhood where people have low or no tolerance for nose, the continuous shouting and cries of your goat can be really burdensome. I advise you to let pet goat be and rather go for another more quiet animal for a companion. 

Goat Breeds That Make Good Pets 

If you have considered these factors and have seen that having a companion goat is a nice plan for you, then let’s help you to make a good choice of goat breed that would serve as great pets. 

There are different amazing breeds of goats and a lot of them make great companion animals. What I can tell you is this: whichever breed you choose, you will enjoy them. 

Pygmy Goats 

Pygmy goats have grown to one the most mentioned pet goat breeds around the world, probably because of their smallness as well as how pretty they look. They range within 16 and 24 inches in size and can weigh up to 70 pounds. Because they breed all year round, their kids are readily available. 

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/PJTiIGkJ7XHrzi6_XeU-O6CsdVgSwf5tYXAta3UoZ3E_qOJncxZE1uMQVYBM-V2hiqBcHaKSy5Lm5KflF-QPlNxz0HtHSzAgGqmpoRfDhDvTahMk7AtuE35Ds3Cre-86z6PI-owEaXQjyRGxIg

Pygmies are small, beautiful, friendly and docile.  

Did you know that pygmy goats originated from Cameroon? 

The Nigerian Dwarf Goats 

Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/wO0NUcaKaTjtEyZSGN2U4qVOvvexAAMn8syn1YSYZ0ZUTvPMR6tfZ6tnSddYB0Z-yEzeNozYb6c-Zn0-AtnGMRIyP5bEPL-d0yt013vcXOMkhDgc-om4TKiW8tkVnnj2ijkRcY5lJffrP_U3-w

Due to their high milk production capacity, they are prominent among homesteaders. 

Compatible with the pygmy goats, they look small. But then, the Nigerian dwarf goats have shorter ears as well as noses. 

Nigerian dwarf goats are gentle and they never get tired of playing. For this reason, they make good pets, especially for little children. 

Kinder Goats 

Kinders are breeds that resulted from the crossing of pygmy goats and Nubians. This idea was aimed to get a high milk capacity goat with a small size. It worked. Kinders are dual-purpose goats by classification – dairy and meat goats. 

Some kinder goats have pygmy ears while others have long Nubian ears depending on the cross percentage. 

They are noisy but can make great pets if properly raised. And if they are raised together with more peaceful pygmy counterparts, this noisy trait can be contained.  


There is no older registered breed of goat anywhere in the world than the Toggenburgs. If you see yourself among a herd of Toggenburgs for the first time, you will see the resemblance from one to the other. However, each of them will have their uniqueness and appearance. You can find some Toggenburgs less than 29 inches in height. They can weigh between 55kg and 75kg.  

Fainting Goats 

Fainting Goats

The myotonic goats popularly known as the Tennessee fainting goats are classified as meat goats, but they make great pets. 

When frightened or shocked, they get a kind of seizure and their muscles stiffen, so they fall as though fainted. This genetic disorder has made this breed popular for entertainment and for pets. 

Nigora breed 

By the crossing of a Nigerian dwarf goat and an Angora breed, the amazing Nigora was developed. They are of various colors and appearances, having a velvety coat. The Nigora range from 20 to 25 inches in height and they are medium-sized. Nigoras are fun to be with.


Boer Goat

This breed is a high meat production breed originating from South Africa. 

It has short, shiny hairs with their body being proportional all through the length with well-known strong head and brown eyes. Boers are usually white, having a read head but can be of any color. 

There are many other breeds of goat that fit into the pet goat categories and these are by no means the only ones. Many of these breeds are meat goats, many also, are dairy goats but whatever classification they fall into, many of these goats still make good companion animals. 

Having gone through this post, you will have found out that whether meat goat or dairy goat, the breed of goat raised as a pet depends on your choice. 

Good luck with your new-found pet! 

Remember to try as much you can to buy at least two of whichever breed of goat you want to raise as a pet. Bear in mind that goats are herd animals and will enjoy life better, when in the company of others. 

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