Are Wyandotte Roosters Aggressive?

Are Wyandotte Roosters Aggressive?

Are Wyandotte Roosters Aggressive? So many poultry farmers all around the world might be skeptical about raising Wyandotte Roosters because of the rumors they’ve heard about it, it’s quite funny that because they think Wyandotte roosters are aggressive, they avoid them entirely.

Most times they keep asking questions like “are Wyandotte roosters aggressive”. Haven raised Wyandotte roosters for a long time, trust me this article will help enlighten you, clear your fears about Wyandotte roosters and give you the accurate information you need about Wyandotte roosters

Are Wyandotte Roosters Aggressive?

Actually not all Wyandotte Roosters are aggressive. Their aggressiveness is dependent on the breed, just like I stated above. I have also realized that roosters are Aggressive especially during there puberty stage.

Although they’re strong personalities, generally they are a very friendly breed, this is what makes them a good choice if you’re just starting out with chickens.

3 Key Points Why Wyandotte Roosters Can Be Aggressive

It’s very imperative that we look at the reasons why this species of chickens “are” aggressive rather “might be” aggressive. This will help you understand your chickens better.

  • Sexual maturity activates their hormones 

During their puberty stage their hormones get stronger and flowing more than normal, they become rowdy and always chasing the hens.

At this point, they are no more friendly, but aggressive or mean to us and the hens especially because he’s just feeling the urge to reproduce, which might make them show aggressive tendencies.

In a period of about 16 to 20 weeks old where they start reaching their sexual maturity stage, they suddenly become more aggressive because of the new hormones that they are developing.

Note that they can even get disturbing and uncontrollable when they begin to grow. Sometimes you have them crow from morning till night, you might even decide to use them for your meal because of their disturbance Lol. 

  • Its Authoritative nature can make it aggressive.

Naturally, roosters believe that It is their job to defend his flock against threats from predators and even humans. Many times I find my roosters taking responsibility to care for and protecting my hens, I might be angry when they attack me but trust me I still feel happy when I see them protect my hens like the man of the house Lol. This might sound funny and a bit absurd but it’s true. Whenever the hens are being attacked by a kite, human being or any predator you find roosters retaliating and fighting to protect the hen and when it succeeds in chasing the predators you can feel the excitement and pride in the rooster.

Over time, your rooster may start to see you as the enemy or anyone else in his territory for that matter, If you pick up a hen and she squawks he will be more likely to come to her defense and definitely attacking you. 

  • Genetics (their aggressiveness is dependent on their breed)

Cross-breeding of chickens for the purpose of cockfighting as a  is the vital point why they are aggressive. So it might amaze you to know that those roosters that were bred purposely to be aggressive for cockfighting have transferred some genetic materials in the modern roosters. Therefore for this reason genetics how been recognized as one of the reasons your rooster is or may become aggressive.

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Pros And Cons Of Raising Wyandotte Roosters

1Wyandotte roosters are great egg layers, as long as they are feed nutritiously, they lay a large number of sizable eggs.Wyandotte chickens are not very good at handling heat so they will most likely need some special attention during the hot summer days.
2They are extremely energetic and playful.They can bully other chickens because of their size.
3They are available in a huge variety of colors and that makes them special and attractive.Although very beautiful and playful, they are not too friendly and can be aggressive.

How to Control Wyandotte Roosters

Just like every other bird, Wyandotte roosters are no exceptions, their weaknesses and aggressiveness can be controlled. Here are some effective ways which you can apply to help tame your roosters.

1. Start training them as chicks.

Training roosters can be very tedious and difficult when they are adults rather than when they are still chicks. When they are still chicks they are very respectful so they depend on you to learn more about themselves and they try their best to avoid any aggressive character so as not to annoy you.

At this stage you can manage or correct any aggression, therefore your Wyandotte chicks can grow up to become respectful and well nurtured. On the contrary, if you choose to ignore them as chicks and Wait for them as adults, it will be more difficult because they have developed some personality traits.

Stroke his feathers, touch his comb, wattles, feet, especially when he is young. From this tender age start setting rules for them: for instance, never allow them to peck you. When he does, retaliate then carry it around a little. By so doing, you will clear their mind from what they just did. 

2. Make your movements around them deliberate

It is important that when moving around your flock make your movements deliberate and fairly slow-paced. Quick movements your Wyandotte roosters unsettled and uncomfortable so they tend to suspect or see you as a treat.

In making deliberate movements you must avoid sneaking around him as this will give him the feeling that you are afraid of it. Raise your arms and flap around just as he does when he charges, then take a few steps towards him, stand your ground and then stare into his eyes. Do not turn around or walk away until he has accepted defeat.

3. Always protect yourself

Taking protective measures is quite vital, you need to protect your legs, wear long sleeves to protect your arms, gloves and also cover your face to face being pecked probably on the eyes. Carry a broom around you.

This gives it the mindset that you cannot be messed with so on your part you have to be physically ready in case he tries to flog you, you can use the broom to shoo the rooster and of course, you will be protected physically to avoid injuries. Never show any sign of fear and at the same time don’t lose your guard even when it calms down.

4. Carry him around

When your Wyandotte rooster attacks you, catch it immediately and parade him around the hens for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help to weaken and embarrass him, he will feel defeated before his flocks, therefore he will reduce his aggressiveness; keep on doing it and it will affect your rooster psychologically and humble him.

You might not really have time for this but I would advise that you create time to carry your roosters around a lot and in front of the hens, imagine you do this to a guy i.e parading him in the presence of ladies, the same way the guy will feel embarrassed is the same way your Wyandotte roosters will feel, so it hinders him from attacking you or being aggressive as its esteem has been tampered with.

5. Respect his role to protect

Understanding that his protective role, especially to the hen, is naturally how they are wired is quite important. So do not be mean to them and please don’t harm them. It might interest you to know that  Due to his anatomy it is possible to cause the air sacs to collapse and he can suffocate. If he has recently eaten or drank water, he can regurgitate and inhale food or water into his lungs killing him.

Having a Poultry farm and raising chickens should be fun not the other way around, so if need be do the right thing for your chickens. I must point out that it takes patience and willingness to help control or tame your Wyandotte roosters. So cling to this article, so that you can get all the guide and direct you in your chicken journey with chickens.

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