Are Silkie Chickens Good as Pets?

Are Silkie Chickens Good As Pets

You’ve heard about dog pets, cat pets and even chicken pets. But have you heard of this breed of chicken called silkie being kept as pets? Actually, a lot of chicken lovers have been anticipating this article. They want to know, if silkie chickens can be used as pets.

I’m right here to enlighten you. Not just on silkie chickens as pets, but to also tell you so many things that would be of great importance to you about this unique breed of chicken, the “silkie”.

So, are silkies good as pets? Of course. I’d say an emphatic YES to that question. Silkies are very adorable breeds of chicken and they will make an awesome pet for you and your family. I’d even add that the silkie is the best breed of chickens you can use as pets. 

They are naturally friendly and docile, you don’t need to spend time taming them to become friendly at all. With them at home, trust me, you will have joy. Silkies are very unique breeds; they appear in varieties of colors.

Some Interesting Facts About Silkie Chickens

They Come in Exotic Colors 

Have you ever seen a purple, red or pink colored chicken? No? Then it means you don’t know silkies.

Silkie Chickens have Five Toes! 

You won’t believe that they have five toes instead of four and are much smaller than most chicken

Their Eggs are Cute

They produce 3 little eggs of about 40g per week.

There different color is one special thing I love a lot about them, they are so cute and beautiful to behold. You will surely love this chicken as pets especially when you decide to choose 

Why You Should Keep Silkie Chickens as Pets 

Wondering why you should keep this chickens as pets? There are a lot of reasons that will not only convince you to get them as pets but they will encourage you as you keep them as pets. 

Beyond their beautiful and friendly nature, there are many other awesome reasons that will even compel you to talk to your friends and even advice them on keeping silkie as pets. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should keep silkies and make them your pets.

Silkie Chickens are Inexpensive to Keep 

These chickens are very affordable to own as pets, it is not so expensive that you can’t buy it. This reason is a major point for keeping them as pets because most people (myself inclusive) do not want to spend so much money buying a pet. They would rather buy another cheap pet. Many people wish to have a dog or a cat as pets but the cost involved has them changing their minds. Silkies are not like that, they are very affordable by all; both young and old, poor and rich. 

Silkie Chickens Offers alot of Economic Benefits 

Beyond the entertainment and companionship this beautiful bird provides for you, it also has a whole lot to offer. Where do I start? 

You can use silkie birds for shows. Yes. They are used for shows. And trust me, with a silkie chicken you can get lots of money from concerts, as they are very funny and entertaining. 

They also provide eggs for you not just to enjoy but also provide for you to sell and make money. Great, isn’t it? 

They control pests in the farm, and are used as incubators to harsh the eggs of other breeds, just because of their awesome motherly nature. 

I think its important, we look at these benefits in a broad way, it is very important you know the awesome benefits about keeping them as pets, it will keep you expectant.

Silkie Chickens are Available with Reputable Breeders 

Over the years it has been established that the best place to get silkies are from breeders. And this applies, not just to silkies, but to other animals as well. This is because they take very good care of their animals; they ensure they are healthy by providing medications for them when they are sick. 

So if you are scared of getting a healthy silkie as pets, not to worry, they are available in reputable breeding houses. Some of this breeders are even certified to do their job. So, whatever animal you are getting there, be assured that they are very good and healthy and they are not dying anytime soon, so you can enjoy them.

Silkie Chickens are Easy to Cater for 

The cost of maintenance is affordable, like I said earlier. You don’t need to do a lot to take care of them. Don’t worry if your fear is that they are going to take a lot of your time. They do not need so much time for care. Just make sure you provide them with all the necessary things they will need. If they are not comfortable, they will become reserved and uninteresting to keep. 

Just like every other pets need care, silkies are not exceptional; they also need care and attention from you to avoid diseases and even death. It is important we look at some tips which will help you take good care of your silkies.

How to Take Care of your Silkie Chickens

The silkie breed is one of the best and unique breeds in the chicken kingdom. Therefore, they need extra-special care. 

They are also one of the most entertaining birds to watch. However, if you need to raise some of these beautiful birds, then you must know the steps for taking proper care of silkie chickens. So, let’s properly get into the various things we can use to provide care for silkie chickens. 


Shelter is very important for our silkie pets; you have to get a cage for them. You should decide where you want to keep them, whether inside or outside. You can make a movable cage, so that you can move them outside during the day, or if you want you can make two cage for them, one inside and one outside. The choice is yours, but just know that keeping them outside during the day keeps them healthy. Infact this is one of the important tools you must have before before bringing your pets home. 

The silkie birds are very small so they will not occupy so much space, however it is still important to get them, depending on how many you want to keep, a comfortable house. You will enjoy them more when they are relaxed. But if they are not, it affects their personality and behavior. Another thing you must take note of is that the house should be spacious, in other to enable you clean it very well, collect eggs and also monitor your chickens.


Silkie chickens need bedding, so it’s very important that you get them one. Actually, every chicken needs bedding. There are different types of bedding, all of them are good but you just have to choose the one you like. Some bedding is made of wood shavings, straw, sawdust, hay, sand, newspaper shredding and a lot more. 

Personally, I prefer wood shavings, which is also what I use for my silkie birds. They absorb their droppings and reduce the smell. So, I prefer it to others but my choice might not be yours. So, check the one that is suitable for you and your pets.

Feeder and Waterer

Having adequate feeders and containers for their water is also important. Get fancy and good-looking feeders and waterer. This will help attract them to eat a lot and also drink enough water to reduce dehydration. If your pets don’t feed well they will become weak. They need their immune strong. Don’t just use any kind of feeder or container in your house to feed them. Go get a good one for them from the store.

Their Feed

Please avoid feeding them with just anything. Prepare special and nutritious feed for them. There are various types of feed. These feeds are available for different purposes – of course depending on your purpose for keeping them. 

If you want them to be good layers feed them with layer pellets when they start laying. If you keep them for meat, then provide them with broiler starter not chick starter. That is why I insist you don’t feed them carelessly, be careful on the kind of feeds you give them.

Since we are discussing keeping them as pets, you must know that their best feed is meal worm. You can’t feed them just anything they can eat things like fish, cucumber, cooked eggs, rice, cooked potato, watermelon and any edibles, so that they don’t get subjected to some physical conditions. 

You can also feed them with layer pellet and normal chicken feed, it will keep them simple and balanced as lovable pets. Please don’t forget to feed them grit. It is a vital feed for them, because it helps them digest their food. Provide them enough water and please ensure they drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

Good Environment

If you care about your pets you must create the right environment for them. Naturally they don’t like wet weather so learn to keep them in dry places. Make sure the cage where you keep them is always clean and swept. This even helps you as well, because, when they are safe, you are also safe from diseases. You can get infected by your pets if they are not healthy, therefore a healthy environment for your silkies provides a healthy living for you.

Hmm! I know you are marveled already, but this is not all, there are so many other reasons why you would want to keep silkie breeds as pets. Now let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of keeping silkie as pets.

Disadvantages of Keeping Chicken As Pets 

Everything has advantages and also disadvantages and some, if you want to keep silkies as pets please here are some disadvantages of keeping them. It’s important you know so that you can prepare for them in advance.

Silkie Chickens are Not Good Layers 

If you find out they are not good layers will you still keep them? Yes,it’s important you answer this question first and in honesty. If you are looking for a pet that will produce lots of eggs for you, then the silkie chicken is not the best option for you. 

They produce about  100 – 120 eggs per year. Yes. And that’s not a good one. So if you are okay with it, fine. But if you are not, get another breed of chicken. There are many more that will give you what you want. 

Silkies Have a Slight Weather Problem 

They don’t thrive in wet weather. Some of them fall sick during this period, while some even die if their immune system is not strong. This is a natural problem, so prepare them for the rainy seasons so that they can survive it. Keep them amongst another coop during this period so that they can adapt a little, and also stay strong and safe.

Silkie Chickens can be Last in the “Pecking Order” 

Silkie birds are very, gentle and calm naturally, so this gives other breeds a better advantage over them. They always come last in the pecking other. So, get ready to fight for your babies. They try to fight back some times  too. But most of the time, they simply get beaten up by other chickens. Whenever you keep them amogst other breeds, whether to eat or do anything at all, please be sensitive. They might get killed in the next few minutes if you don’t intervene.

Silkie are Not Good for Meat Production 

Don’t be deceived by their big size. They are very hairy; they have lots of feathers. So you might see them from afar and decide to keep them for the purpose of meat production. When you kill them and cut, you will not believe the little amount of meat they have for you.

The silkie is not a good breed for meat at all. Just so you don’t say you were not told, they are not, at all. Even when you feed them pellet, layers and grit, you will still not be satisfied at the meat they will provide for you.

Silkie Chickens are Prone to Predators 

This is a major challenge of keeping them, if you are not the careful type, predators will destroy your birds. They have dull vision- which means they do not really see very well. And if they don’t see clearly, they can’t tell when danger is coming and what to do as well. 

Advantages of Keeping Them as Pets 

Silkie Chickens are Very Friendly

This is the most docile and friendly chicken you can ever find. They are naturally friendly and quiet, you will love them for this. I like it when they crawl into my arms and relax there. I’m sure this is the kind of chicken pet you want. Not the aggressive ones that you can’t even carry around. They love to play with little children especially; they are so affectionate with their owners.

Silkie Chickens are Fluffy and Furry

Silkies don’t have barbs to hold them so for that reason they are so fluffy and their feathers so furry. This fluffy nature adds an amazing and beautiful look on them. You will always want to carry and pet them. I must say these awesome pets are designed to be pets for you. 

Silkie Chickens can be Kept in an Apartment 

They can stay in your apartment comfortably without causing you stress. This is because they are not noisy like other animals. They like calm and smooth places, not muddy and dirty environment. This is why you must always create the right environment for them.

Silkie Chickens have Good Cultural Values 

You won’t believe that a lot of people say that because of the uniqueness and beauty of this bird, its meat has some spiritual healing powers. I believe that for them to say this, they must have witnessed it. I will personally love to experience this. This explains why people who sell the meat, sell it expensively. Yes! Restaurants that sell the meat usually charge you extra.

Silkie Chickens are Excellent Mothers 

Silkies are wonderful mothers, they do not just take care of their own chicks they also hatch the eggs of other breeds and take care of them by themselves. Isn’t this a true mother’s heart?

They can thus, serve as incubators for other careless mother. This is one character I so much love about this breed. They help breeders hatch eggs for other breeders. This is why, apart from keeping them as pets, you also need them for incubation in your farm.

I hope you are happy to learn that silkie chickens, apart from dog and cats, can become good pets for you. These colourful and friendly chickens won’t harm you. Rather, they will keep you and your kids company. You will definitely love them. I assure you.

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